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The mission of Masters Essay is to provide original research tailored to your academic level and specific subject. This product is be used at your own discretion. We do not have agreements with any agencies or institutions, and we are not affiliated with any other custom writing services or databases. We do not run other websites offering the same services or store information in a database of our own. The projects provided by Masters Essay are intended as educational tools only. If they are used in any academic environment they must be fully referenced. Masters Essay is not responsible to any third party for the partial or full use of its products. The only information we do collect is about the computer being used. This is only to protect us in the event of a fraudulent customer. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Masters Essay has a very strict no-tolerance policy against plagiarism. Our writers draft papers based solely on the research and information gathered for each specific topic they are assigned. Considering the time it takes to produce a quality paperreworked from one freely available or cheaply made, their time is better spent starting from scratch. If they fail to do so they would be risking the chance of getting caught and being fired. As a final - perhaps redundant - precaution, we check the final draft of all projects against the latest versions of anti-plagiarism software. You shall be entitled to unlimited amendments during the first 20 (twenty) days from the date when your paper has been uploaded. In the event that you do find proof of severe plagiarism, we provide a full money back guarantee.

For your part, you must agree to provide us with a full and complete compilation of all information related to your assignment. If, for example, you opt for a less expensive academic level than the project requires and do not pass the assignment, we cannot be held accountable. You hereby also agree that all necessary claims regarding the revision of any assignment, and/or any possible problems related hereto shall not be made after the 20 day revision period. You should also note that a paper written at a language level that is too elevated - or on a subject that is too sophisticated – often raises suspicions concerning its authenticity. These papers are often subject to a failing grade alongside those papers that are not written well enough. If your order is not completed on time, you may request a partial refund or credit towards future orders.

We do not store your credit card information, but please be aware that we reserve the right to contact you - or the contact listed as the cardholder - by the phone number specified on the order form for anti-fraud verification. For your protection, we will always represent ourselves as Academic Resources, a learning materials store. Any charges to your credit card will appear as "Studentre5" or "Student Resources". Fraudulent transactions will be reported to the FBI. Late orders qualify for a full refund - if and only if - it is clear that the tardiness was caused by obvious and numerous faults on the part of the writer, non-delivery of assignment, failure to find a writer for your paper, and/or upon the customer's request (before the paper has been completed and uploaded). All other cases will qualify for a partial refund. Our academic advisers will review each situation on a case by case basis. To avoid the issues noted above, our order page contains a code that automatically controls how many pages per day can be written. This is largely based on the academic level of the assignment. The papers written by Masters Essay are intended to be used only as an example of how to do your own work. If you use our paper to write your own, it should be referenced accordingly.