Course Work & Assignments

Course work & Assignments usually refers to assignments carried out by students at the university or middle/high school level. This work contributes towards their overall grade, but is usually assessed separately from their final exams.

Good science and social science coursework generally rests on a serious theoretical base. As a young researcher choosing a topic for coursework, you will likely have to consult with your teachers about two matters: 1) first, the suitability and value of your chosen topic; and 2) which sources will likely be the most useful for this kind of writing. This stage will also take into consideration your level of skill and knowledge.

In high school, college, and universities, coursework is just one mode of assessment. Students are required to produce coursework in order to broaden their knowledge and enhance their research skills. This type of work is also used to demonstrate how well students can discuss, reason and construct practical outcomes from the theoretical knowledge learned during their course. Class notes are a good place to start. That being said, good coursework requires additional materials, and you will generally find them from the advised sources. Unless you plan on reading them twice, make sure to pay attention and thoroughly absorb the material. This will take more time but will always be more effective in the long run. Take good notes and mark passages. Use whatever techniques work best for you to in order to produce quality notes for coursework. You should also always keep in mind that your sources have to be listed appropriately. This is just another reason why you should always keep track of them while working with the literature.

Without a doubt, a theoretical framework in coursework is great. However, what you need even more is your own proper interpretation of the facts. This is why you should be prepared to roll up your sleeves and work out a comprehensive theory of your own for the coursework. Just kidding – relax, it's not that complicated. The teachers won't let you, but this is why you should make sure that you include your own opinion within a social science coursework. Also do not forget to summarize and edit. When everything is done, go get yourself a snack.

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